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Spring Unfolding

Sharing the everyday beauty and wonder of the natural world
through various mediums of fine art and photography.

Artist, Liberty Shea Wilson, captures the colors, textures, movement and changes in nature's composition through her unique watercolor process and in her photography. She also enjoys oil painting, pastels and working with alcohol ink.


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Convenient Services

Bringing the Art to You

From the moment you enter my site until you receive your art delivery, I have one goal in mind: to make your Spring Unfolding experience as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. My sincere hope is that your art piece will bring you as much joy as it gave me to create it!

Custom Fern Print

Custom Watercolor

Buying a gift?  Moving into a new home? Redesigning a space? Have a plant/leaf/flower or color scheme that you love?  Allow me to custom paint a watercolor for you! 
Available in three sizes:  5x7, 9x12 or 11x14.
Simple or layered with detail, you choose.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping available within the US!
International? Please contact directly!

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"Spring. You always feel so close like you're hovering, lingering. Ready to burst already. Teased by these brief pockets of sunshine and warmth sprinkled between the colder days. I am so ready for your color and movement again. And you always come again." - Victoria Erickson


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