Liberty Shea

Inspiring a love of nature through art.

Hi, I'm Liberty!  The spring of 2016 was a cold, dreary and seemingly never-ending winter.  As a way to cheer myself up I started documenting the changes in the landscape by taking macro photos and posting them on Intagram. Taking notice of the changes, I started to feel hopeful and optimistic that warmer, sunnier days were ahead, both literally and figuratively. I also felt a spark and resurgence of my creativity that had been suppressed for many years by motherhood. My identity as an individual creative woman had been put on hold during this time.  My photos became a quick, easy and satisfying way to use my creativity.  As my eye and skill improved as a photographer, my confidence grew as well.  Spring Unfolding is the awakening and unfolding of me as a creative, maker and artist.  I am growing, evolving, learning and trying new mediums.  My art is tied to the place I feel most at home: in nature. I have many new things on the horizon for 2019. Come along with me!