My Process

My Watercolor Process

Gorgeous, Affordable Art

My watercolor paintings are unique and completely original. I use dried & pressed plants, leaves, flowers and grasses found in nature to create my paintings.  I forage for interesting textures around my yard and neighborhood, on hikes and sometimes pillage from floral arrangements. (I love making bouquets, too! And try to keep flowers on hand.)
Living in the Pacific Northwest there are boundless amounts of flora found year-round. 
Generally I begin by selecting my color palette. Next I paint the entire paper, intuitively placing my colors. I use a special paper, called Yupo, for my work. Yupo is not plant based, does not absorb water and is very slick. The paint swirls around on the surface. I then lay out my chosen flora on the surface of the wet paint. The paint naturally grips the edges of the plants.  I may, at this point, add additional colors. The painting is left to dry with the flora in place.  Once dry, I peel off the plants. What remains is a completely unique, textured and defined print!  For a more detailed painting I repeat this process several times.  Additionally, I often add my own, hand painted, details. 
When you purchase a painting from Spring Unfolding, you are buying the one and only painting. Unless noted, I do not create prints of my work.